Best gifts for frequent flyers


2020 is here which means a whole new year of birthdays, celebrations and holidays. We have 10 gift ideas for travelers and frequent flyers!

1. Scratch-off map or pin travel map

Who doesn't want to show off where they've been? With a scratch-off map or pin travel map you can do just that.

2. Portable charger

Finding a place to charge your phone, tablet or laptop at an airport is not an easy task. With a portable charger you never have to worry about running out of battery.

3. Neck wallet

Know where your passport, wallet and boarding pass at all times with a neck wallet.

4. Neck pillow

A good neck pillow can save a long-haul flight or a long delay. Make sure you buy a well recommended one that's easy to use and comfortable.

5. eBook or magazine subscription

Having an endless selection of books or magazines to read on the plane can be a lifesaver. Give a subscription to someone who loves to read!

6. Sleep mask

Sleep like a baby with a sleep mask that blocks out the light. Maybe throw in some ear plugs as well and you'll definitely be able to catch some z's.

7. Noise-cancelling Headphones

With a pair of noise-cancelling headphones you never have to worry about loud engine noises, talkative seat neighbours or crying children. Instead you can focus on your audiobook, movie or whatever it might be.


8. International travel adapter

With an international travel adapter in your bag you can charge your electronic gadgets wherever you go. Today there are travel adapters with plugs that work in more than 150 countries.


9. Portable luggage scale

Make sure you don't have to pay extra fees because your bags weigh too much - with a portable luggage scale you can feel calm at all times.

10. Face care products

Airplane air is known for making your skin dehydrated. Make sure this doesn't happen with a set of luxurious face care products. Of course in small sizes!