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FLIGHTSFROM.COM is the ultimate tool when you are looking to explore destinations from your closest airports. Or just to see your usual airline routes schedule - up to 9 months ahead!

The company behind the site WESTCOAST DIGITAL AB, which has created popular internet services since 2011. However, our employees have been working on the Internet much longer than that. The company is based in Trollhättan, Sweden.

The idea

FlightFrom.com publishes airline routes and schedules worldwide. The main focus is to explore the flight possibilities from a specific airport with non-stop flights. It's a tool to plan your time efficient by bypassing the extra waiting times that you get with stopovers.

Our idea is to visit FlightsFrom.com when we are planning a business meeting, conference or weekend to find the best route.


The first seed to FlightsFrom.com was born when we at WESTCOAST DIGITAL made plans for a conference trip in the spring of 2015. There were some conditions that we had to meet to finally select our destination:

  • Everyone could meet up at Arlanda (ARN) Wednesday no later than 9:30am.
  • The airline was not supposed to be a low-cost carrier.
  • The flight time should not exceed 7 hours including stops.
  • The climate for the season should be good for outdoor activities.
  • A big plus was if the destination had direct flights from Shanghai (PVG)

Despite having over 20 years experience working with websites it took us an enormous amount of time to research and decide our final destination. The choice finally fell on Dubai (DXB).

Our flight data

Our database with flight information is originally based on data from other websites in our company group. Thousands of searches are made every hour. We began collecting the data in 2015 after our trip to Dubai that would found the basis for a tool like FlightsFrom.com is today.

To verify and enhance the data we have access to all flights published to the airlines own international organization. This gives us a market leading position with close to 100% accuracy in the closest 3 months and up to 80% for the coming 9 months. Low-cost carriers and mainly airlines in third world countries does not publish their data in the same long-time period as other airliners (thus pulling down the statistics).

Target group

We'll guess that anyone who doesn't like stopovers would love our website. However our main target group are business travelers and other travelers who needs to fly with an efficient and convenient time schedule. If you live near a fairly big airport our website is perfect to plan an efficient trip.

But to be honest our largest group of visitors by far is explorers without destination. You can easily spend hours on our interactive map just by curiosity.

What airline flies where? What flight time does this particular route have? What days of the week do they fly? How many terminals are there on this airport? FlightsFrom.com usually have the answer.

Evolution of FlightsFrom.com

We are always continuing to develop FlightsFrom.com into a better product but still mainstaining its goal of being a fast, robust and dependent flight explorer that it is today. Since the start we have also recieved a lot of requests for showing connecting flight routes aswell. This has now become a reality but instead of hiding it behind FlightsFrom.coms core service we chose to put it on a dedicated domain name. We welcome you to Flightroutes.com :-)

Company information:

Mail: [email protected]
Org.nr: 556982-1324
Magasinsgatan 2
46130 Trollhättan