Map of all Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 routes


Ever wondered where the huge A380 and 747 flies? Here are two fun maps where you can compare. Please note that these routes are scheduled passenger flights, cargo flights and chartered aircrafts are not included.

Airbus A380

You can clearly see that the A380 are focused on major airport hubs in Europe, Asia and North America. You may also notice the large concentration of flights from and to Dubai in the middle east with Emirates. Emirates owns about half of the world's A380 fleet. 

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Boeing 747

As you can see here, the Boeing 747 flies to more destinations and also to smaller airports (blue and red dots) than the A380. For one thing, it has been in use since the 70's and for another there are more airports that are are 747 capable. British Airways have the world's largest fleet of 747's.

Click here to see all 747 flights from Heathrow.

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