Best cities to visit in 2020


Start the new year by planning your vacation! Here are five cities to visit in 2020.

1. Ljubljana

If you haven't discovered the capital city of Slovenia yet, now is the time. You can easily explore this charming city by foot and there's a lot to explore - from beautiful alleys and squares to lovely boutiques and interesting architecture. Ljubljana is also the perfect starting point for exploring the rest of Slovenia. We recommend renting a car and driving to Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled and Triglav National Park.

2. Vancouver

Surrounded by mountains, forest an sea, Canada's third biggest city offers both urban life and nature. Vancouver is the perfect destination for travelers looking for both outdoor activities and shopping. Just a short drive from downtown you'll find thousands of hiking trails, ski slopes and magical rivers and lakes. While in Vancouver you should also make time to visit one of many world-class Asian restaurants, go to an ice hockey game and take a stroll in beautiful Stanley Park.

3. Gothenburg

Forget about Stockholm! Altough Sweden's capital city is memerizing, Gothenburg offer a different kind of charm. The people of Gothenburg is widely known around Sweden for being friendly and it's not difficult to be included in the atmosphere prevailing in the city. Don't miss the neighbourhoods of Haga and Linné, the amusement park Liseberg, sitting down for a beer on Tredje Långgatan or visiting the city park Slottsskogen. Another great tip is to take the tram out to the archipelago for a swim and some amazing views. 

4. Tokyo

Exuberant Tokyo must be experienced at least once in a lifetime! And why not take the opportunity in 2020 when the city is hosting the Summer Olympics. Tokyo is the perfect combination of ultra modern and traditional. Don't miss the world's busiest intersection Shibuya Crossing, grabbing a beer with locals at an Izakaya (local gastropub), watching a Sumo match and visiting as many historical temples as you

5. Portland

Portland is an exciting city on the U.S. west coast. Beautifully surrounded by lush hills, this hipster mecca is perfect for travelers looking to combine city life with nature. Here you'll find beautiful hiking trails, bike-friendly streets, loads of hip bars and restaurants as well as markets. Portland has a strong beer culture, and a visit should also include one or two stops at a local brewery.