Make the most out of your time in First Class


Are you new to first class or business class? We know how to maximize your time among wide seats, champagne and priority lines.

1. Extra baggage allowance

When purchasing a business or first class ticket it usually means free checked luggage. How many checked items you are allowed depends on airline and route - but usually the airline allows at least two free checked bags per first class passenger.

2. Choose your seat wisely

Your experience in first class can vary depending on where you sit. If possible, choose your seat when booking your flight (most airlines offer this for free to all their premium passengers). Which seats are the best of course depend on both airline and aircraft type - but there's a way to find them and it's called SeatGuru. With SeatGuru you can search for seat maps and read reviews to find the golden seat on every single flight. 

3. Priority everything

Priority check-in, priority security screening, priority boarding. Sounds like heaven doesn't it? This is exactly what you get when traveling first or business class - which means you can replace long waiting times with comfortable armchairs in the lounge.

4. Spend time in the lounge

Yes! When flying first or business class you can almost always enjoy free access to lounges. This means free food, snacks and drinks, not having to fight for seating and an overall relaxing time before take off.

5. Ask!

Whether it's just a bottle of water, a glass of champagne or something extra to eat, first class will deliver - but only if you ask! Never be afraid to ask for what you want. Flying premium class is a luxurious experience, try taking advantage of that fact. 

6. Enjoy every second

Your first class experience doesn't have to end as soon as you enter the destination airport. Depending on route, airline and destination there could be an arrivals lounge for you to enjoy. Maybe you've been on an overnight flight and want some time to relax, eat some breakfast and read the newspaper before you start exploring your destination.

7. Be respectful and smile

Don't be arrogant. Being respectful to other passengers and flight attendants will make you're experience a lot better. A smile goes a long way!

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