8 tips: How to survive economy class


A 15 hour flight can be painful for both back and psyche. Especially in economy. Here are 8 tips on how to survive a long haul flight far away from premium class.

1. Select your seat

Even if it comes with an extra cost, you want to be able to select your seat on the plane. If you plan to sleep most of the flight maybe a window seat is the best option for you - or if you want to get up and walk around an aisle seat might be the better choice. If you want as much leg room as possible the seats by the emergency exits or behind walls or curtains are the ones for you.

2. Dress comfortably

Leave your jeans at home! Dressing comfortably is key to surviving long flights and PJs or a dressy set in cosy material is preferable. Another smart thing to do is to dress in layers. The climate on board is very changeable and you never know if its going to be hot or cold - it's nice to be prepared for both scenarios!

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Forget about cheap airplane headphones. Bring your own, preferably noise-canceling headphones instead. Once you put them on you can sleep, watch movies or listen to music without being disturbed.

4. Drink water, avoid caffeine & skip alcohol

It is important to keep hydrated, not only to feel more comfortable during your flight but also to reduce the effects of jet lag. Staying away from caffeine and alcoholic beverages is also a way to prevent jet lag.

5. Bring your own food

Airplane food is not exactly known to be an unforgettable culinary experience. And why adapt to the airline's meal times. Of course you should eat when food is served, but having snacks like fruits and bars in your carry-on will keep you full and satisfied at all times.

6. Stretch your legs

Sitting down for over ten hours straight is painful, especially in economy where you're not spoiled with a lot of leg room and wide seats. Try standing up and walking around the cabin from time to time. While sitting down you can also do some foot exercises to keep blood circulation going.

7. Bring games & books

If you're traveling with company, you can make time go faster with some fun games. Bringing a really good book is also a way to make time fly.

8. Sanitizer & wet wipes

Studies show that more than one-fifth of passengers get a cold or the flu after a flight. Bacteria and viruses can survive for up to several days on board an aircraft. There are things you can do to prevent getting a cold. Bring both hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Use these to wipe down your seat, armrests, tray and monitor before sitting down. Sanitize your hands frequently during the flight.

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